Indo Tantra

Tantra is Life

Yes. Tantra is healthy! Now many of you will not be able to place this in a 1, 2, 3 way, hence this article. Tantra is very healthy! One more reason to join a workshop with a local practitioner in your area.

Full breathing

Tantra Breathing

Central to tantra is breathing. Now you will say that this is the case in many spiritual movements, but very few practice full breathing". Most people breathe superficially, using only about 30% of their lung capacity. Sin! Not so with full breathing. This way of breathing ensures that up to 50% more oxygen is brought into the body. The brain thus gets much more oxygen. Also all other cells in the body get a continuous oxygen bath (more than they need).

Thus, with the breathing, (more) "prana" enters the body. The existence and effect of this prana (Ki, Chi) is (incomprehensibly, but true) kept secret from the masses, while prana is THE most important source of nutrition for humans. Prana nourishes and revitalizes the body. Tantra / the full breath draws attention to this prana, giving a mega (awareness) boost to your brains and your body. Tantra is nourishing, tantra makes you healthy.

Your body is your temple

Tantra is a spiritual movement that denies nothing and magnifies nothing. The body is an integral part (the form) of your BEING and therefore has its attention. In Online Tantra we go for a healthy balance, by being less in the head and more in the body. Dancing, moving and flowing.

Simultaneously with Yoga, many body techniques (asanas) have also been developed in tantra to keep the body healthy. An example of this is the attention paid to freeing the energy lines (meridians) in the body: activating and balancing Yin and Yang flows. Be kind to your body! Of course, a tantric view of life also influences all kinds of eating and drinking habits. It will be clear.... Tantra is physically stimulating, tantra makes you healthy.

Loving Consciousness

Stress is disease maker number one. Many diseases and illnesses can be traced back to stress. Tantra provides relaxation and peace. Precisely no struggle or striving for control, but acceptance of what is. And tantra goes a little further. Not only awareness (listening/feeling), but also living awareness (see also the article 'Witnessing'). Listening carefully to the signals your body, your feelings, give you. The healing effect of love is well known and proven.

If you can detect the (energy) blockages in your body, be fully aware (e.g. pain, sadness) and encompass them in love then a deep relaxation will occur. No more fighting, no shame, no fear and no more inner division. Experiencing that you can and may be yourself gives peace. Releasing and leaving behind emotional patterns / blockages / traumas has a healing effect. A better feeling arises (higher vibration). Tantra is purifying, tantra makes you healthy.

Sex is life

Tantra Sex is an Affirmation of Life

Although it is a misconception that tantra is only about sex, tantra does have a very positive influence on your sex life. Sexual energy is life energy (read about this in the article The ultimate power of sexual energy)! And sex is healthy! Tantra keeps your sex life alive and dynamic. Never a dull moment. Tantric sex is also a form of lovemaking that lasts much longer than "normal", and is highly recommended for couples.

As a result, all kinds of increased hormonal responses (e.g., the production of oxytocin or endorphins) occur in the body. For example, "happiness hormones" (dopamine) are produced during tantric sex.

The orgasm (feeling of oneness) has a beneficial effect and that lasts so much longer and is a process that takes place throughout the body. Substances are also produced that ensure that partners feel connected. Tantra is (dis)exciting and connecting, tantra makes you healthy.

Laughter is healthy

Most spiritual movements (and certainly religions) are so serious. Tantra is not serious at all. There is nothing to take seriously! Tantra is play, tantra is playing with life. Laughter is proven to be healthy! How many muscles don't come into action with a beautiful smile. The whole body vibrates with it. Dancing, laughing, enjoying is so important....

Tantra also knows the secret of the Inner Smile. The smile that is connected not only to your own being, but also to the immense cosmic energy. Anyone who has ever seen the Mona Lisa knows what I mean. Tantra is Inner-Joy, playing nice, tantra makes healthy. Come and experience it.

Maximum LifeForce

Oppression sooner or later leads to death. Those who suppress life die a slow death. Many people are even dead before they die. I must not do this, I must not feel that, that thought is wrong. All life is oppressed!

Tantra has no judgment and wants to use the LifeForce optimally. To release all blocked energy and let it participate. And especially to use the sexual energy. LifeForce contributes to the joy of life. Not by living it out; living it out causes all the energy to flow out, that you eventually become empty.

That's not so "healthy." Not suppressing, not indulging, but being totally total in letting your energy flow. Loose, natural, energetic, vibrant! That is the effect of tantra. That is free space, that is healthy. Tantra is life energy, LifeForce makes healthy.

Heart Coherence

You know that phenomenon where soldiers on the bridge have to get out of step? If vibrations are harmonious, they will strengthen each other. Tantra brings you to a higher vibrational level. Tantra "works" with love energy. Tantra also transforms "lower" frequencies (lust/emotion) into higher realms.

Tantra opens the heart. Through tantric meditation, the heart becomes quieter and heart coherence increases. A benefit for body and mind. By putting a focus on the loving heart the body and mind synchronize (scientifically proven) with the soul (heart).

Many health problems disappear immediately. Just Google "heart coherence" or look here. A better, healthier world might even be just possible if a critical mass of people with a (heart) coherent vibration emerged. Tantra is loving, harmonious connection.


Tantra Balance

A final contribution that tantra can make to your health is the effects that come from having more balance in your life. When you are in connection with yourself there is balance in your life. That balance, that connection with yourself, also includes the connection with others, the connection with existence. From this connection arises a deep feeling of happiness. A feeling of happiness that arises / is synonymous with the feeling of unity.

When you are in balance, you are in a state of BEING that reflects the perfect, the divine within you. This is the very highest vibration you can achieve; a vibration that puts an end to all ills. Maybe your body shows physical discomfort, YOU are completely healthy. And this is the message that the 70,000 new cells per second that your body is creating are receiving. Balance gives you vitality and renewal. Tantra brings balance into your life and you feel healthy.


If you believe the above tips work, they will be powerfully reinforced. Imagination/visualization is a powerful technique widely used in tantra. So.... Think about the placebo effect. You become healthier through tantra if you have faith that tantra is good for your health. So use your imagination. Meditate your health! Feel yourself getting healthier with each breath.

Feel healthy. Also feel your aura as a protective shell around you. Imagine that your resistance resists all threats from within and without. Disease, calamity, negativity do not touch you. Not that negativity does not exist, but you always see the positive in everything. Life brings you everything you need.

Tantra is life, the universe brings you health.