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How do you give a yoni massage?

A Yoni massage can be given by the partner, but also for example by a good friend. It is important that there is coordination between the partners, and that the recipient is completely ready to receive this massage.

1. Make the right preparations.

How To Give Yoni Massage for Women

Choose a quiet and undisturbed moment together. Prepare the place, provide a soft surface, warmth and a nice massage oil. For the vagina you can use natural coconut oil or special vagina oil: Subidan. This is soothing, energizing and healing for the Yoni. Provide enough towels. Discuss with the recipient what she wants and doesn't want and if there is anything you need to take into account.

2. Prepare her

To give a Yoni massage you must first touch and warm her whole body. Start at the extremities of her body, her hands and feet for example and give them an attentive touch. Massaging her neck and back will also provide the necessary relaxation.

What exactly you do is less important than the intention you put into your touch. A woman's body is super sensitive and will always sense your (unconscious) intention. If it doesn't feel safe she won't open up to you, so be very intentional with your full attention on her. Then she can surrender more and more to the relaxation needed for the next step.

This is why it is very nice to do this Yoni massage with a woman, because the energy is different, there is no polarity. Although in my experience there is nothing wrong with a man you trust to do this. When you touch, pay attention to your own breathing, breathe along with your partner.

3. Take it easy

After you have touched her back, legs and arms you can move more toward her center. Have her turn around and now touch her belly and breasts. A breast massage is an important preparation for touching her Yoni because they are energetically connected. When you touch her breasts do so with attention, gentleness and involve her nipples last in the touch.

Touching a woman is subtle and (almost) fragile. Try to move her energy down toward her uterus and yoni. In fact, many women tend to move upward with their energy when touched in this way. So try to keep her there, bringing warmth and energy to her uterus and yoni. Occasionally put your hand on her lower abdomen.

4 Feel her and flow with her

If she is sufficiently prepared and she is ready to receive a Yoni massage then first ask if you may touch her yoni. When you are asked this question feel in your body what the answer is. For some women all of the above is already enough. They have already touched so much that they want to stop. Then you cover her and stay present with her.

If she now wants to go further then install yourself between her legs and make sure you are comfortable yourself. The woman can put her legs over the giver's legs. It is important that you make eye contact now. Put your hands over the Yoni and feel the energy of this sacred, magical place. Take a little Yoni oil and begin on outside of her yoni. Smooth the tension from her Venus mound, while doing this ask for feedback, touching her lower abdomen as well. Adjust your pace and pressure to what she likes. Ask for it, and as a receiving woman just give feedback.

So you work from the outside in, so after this you go to the outer lips and then the inner lips. You can go through them spot by spot and feel if there is any tension, you can also take the pelvic floor with you in this way. Always proceed slowly, and cautiously and see what reaction you get. Realize that every woman looks different and that women are sometimes insecure about their vulva. So say kind words and express your appreciation that she is willing to open up to you like this.

Yoni Flow

There are also special techniques to relax the pelvic floor more but you have to see those to know what you can do. You can gently release the clitoris, this is the most sensitive area of the female body so tune in to what she can have there. Keep in mind that you are engaged in a healing massage, and let go of any targeting.

5 She's the boss

Now that you've explored the outside, you can move on. But she may want to stop now. Therefore, you ask permission again to feel inside her Yoni. Asking and getting this permission is very important. When you have a clear yes you can bring 1 or 2 fingers inside her. Now you have arrived at her inner landscape and you can feel together, place by place, what is there. If you as a giver are sensitive you can also feel what she feels.

The tissue of the yoni may feel soft and smooth, but you may also encounter some ridges and hard spots. These areas can feel either sore, burning, or numb. Staying attentive to these for a moment together while giving light pressure can help bring about more relaxation.

On the belly side, after the entrance, you will first encounter the G-spot. This feels a little ribbed, explore it with some light pressure and tune in what is comfortable. For some women, this spot is not comfortable to be touched at first, it may feel like she needs to pee.

In the depths you encounter the cervix, be careful here too. You can put your finger against it to make this place more sensitive. Take all the time you need for this process. It can be that you spend a whole session only working on the entrance, and that you can only go further the next time.

The recipient is always in charge, so maintain eye contact and ask her how it feels. As the recipient, you give feedback on what you are experiencing. There is no result to be had other than exploring this together with your full attention. Most women have never been touched so intently in this way and going through this whole process together is very beautiful and healing. End the session by bringing your finger back out, guided by the woman, and place both your hands on the Yoni. Let her lie down for a while to be able to feel after.

Finally, a few final words about Yoni massage.

Realize that this form of touch is profound and healing. Both for the giver and the receiver! The result is much deeper awareness in the woman's entire pelvic area, and the Yoni becomes more receptive and flowing.

A lot of emotions can be released during this process. Therefore, as a woman, only do this when you feel you are ready, and when you can do this with someone (m/f) you trust completely. Take your time and space with each other, you don't have to do anything but stay present with her. Women who have gone through unpleasant sexual experiences may find Yoni massage to be intense. If during the process you notice that it is "too much", end the session, or give her body another nice massage and continue as usual next time.

I hope this got you started if you want to do a session together. If you are a woman and would like to receive a Yoni massage from one of the masseuzes on our website, you can, you can bring your partner if you like. Much gentle healing and love!