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Comprehensive Guide To Prostate Massage

Prostate Massage

Prostate massage may still sound a little strange to you. After all, what exactly is a prostate and why on earth should I massage it? The prostate, or in sexual terms, the P-spot, is a spot in the anus. By massaging this spot you can achieve incredible orgasms. For this reason, it is also called the male G-spot. Time to take a detailed look at the prostate massage and how to give it.

1. Does everyone have a prostate?

No, only men have a prostate. The para-urethral glands are also called the female prostate, but they have a slightly different function.

2. What is the prostate and where is it located?

The prostate, also called the P-spot, sits next to the rectum and makes some substances that are added to the man's semen during orgasm. During orgasm, the prostate contracts causing the man to ejaculate, the semen is then ejected out through the urethra.

Thus, the prostate is located next to the rectum. The prostate surrounds the urethra and sits directly below the bladder. Because the prostate produces the prostatic fluid, it is primarily important for fertility. In addition to being important for fertility, prostate health can also be stimulated sexually. Stimulating the prostate is also called prostate massage. How to give this massage I tell you below!

3. Preparation

A prostate massage can be done with your partner or solo. Before you receive a prostate massage, it is wise to do some experimenting on your own, this way you can discover at your own pace where the prostate is and how you can stimulate it best.

First, ensure good hygiene.

Trim your nails so there are no sharp edges left. If necessary, use a file to remove sharp edges. With long nails it is possible to hurt your partner or yourself. For a thorough cleaning of the anus, you can first rinse the anus, so you are assured of thorough hygiene.

Then wash your hands thoroughly with soap. If you are not yet completely comfortable around the anus, it is also possible to put a condom on your fingers. By the way, a visit to the toilet before the prostate massage is also recommended. The massage can make you feel like you have to pee or poop. A short toilet visit will take away this feeling. Before you start with the prostate massage, start by gently stimulating the anus. Get in the mood and apply some lubricant to your finger. Gently penetrate the anus and try to relax it. Make sure you have plenty of lube on hand!

4. How do you give a prostate massage?

Before you have found the right movement that suits you, you need to try a few things. You can massage the prostate in different ways. It is up to you (or your partner) to discover the best way of stimulation.

4.1 A prostate stimulator or sex toy

Prostate Massage Vibrator

If you dislike the idea of a finger in your bottom and want to experience the most intense orgasms, the prostate stimulator is your best friend. Sex toys that stimulate the prostate provide wonderful orgasms that can be felt throughout the body. A massage with a prostate vibrator is also less intensive. You hardly have to do any work yourself, the toy does everything! There are several prostate stimulators that are suitable, but this prostate massager is the absolute topper in this list.

If you want to go for the ultimate experience around a prostate massage then this toy is the right choice for you. This prostate vibrator is perfect for beginners and experienced users. This vibrator has different modes and also has an on warm function. You can heat up the prostate vibrator to as much as 37 degrees which adds a wonderful extra sensation and relaxes the muscles.

4.2 Fingers

There are several ways to give a prostate massage:

  • Making Circles: Apply some lubricant to your finger and gently insert the finger into the anus. If you push the finger a little further and point it towards the navel you will feel the prostate. Rotate at your own pace and massage the prostate.
  • The come here movement: This is also a technique you can use when fingering a woman. You locate the prostate and make a come here motion with your finger that allows you to gently massage prostate.
  • Pressing: You can also press on the prostate. Put some pressure and then release. You can go faster and faster or put more pressure this way.

5. Positions you can try

Lying on your stomach: Lie on your stomach in a comfortable position, then bring your arm back and rest it on your back. You can then easily penetrate the anus.

With legs wide: Lie on your back and bring your knees towards your chest. The closer the better but keep it comfortable. With one hand hold both legs in position, the other hand can be used for penetration.

Doggy: Speaks for itself I think, want to know more? Read all about doggy here.

6. Why get a prostate massage?

In addition to bringing incredibly pleasurable orgasms, prostate massage is also good for your health. There are a number of health benefits that come with massaging the prostate.

First, it can help you get a better erection and counteract erectile dysfunction. Massaging the prostate can be done by a professional when there is erectile dysfunction.

In addition, people who regularly stimulate the prostate state that it offers many benefits sexually. There is a higher libido and they are often more satisfied with their sexual performance.

In addition to having several benefits, prostate massage can also be used to keep the prostate 'healthy'. Prostate cancer is unfortunately still very common in men aged 60 and older.

Keeping your prostate in shape

It makes a lot of sense to take good care of your prostate. Prostate enlargement is common in men over 45 and later in life prostate cancer is a serious threat. Fruit and broccoli are good for your prostate. But you can do more to please the largest male gland. You can help the best-known male gland stay healthy: eight tips to keep your prostate in shape.

Have sex more often or masturbate

What many men probably hope for turns out to be true: having regular sex is better for the prostate than having little sex. That's what Australian researchers discovered in a major study. Men aged between 20 and 50 who ejaculated at least five times a week were 30% less likely to develop prostate cancer than men who did not. Even masturbation may help you keep your prostate in shape.

Exercise regularly

Men who are physically active on a regular basis are 30% less likely to have prostate problems than men who do little or no exercise. They are also less likely to have erectile dysfunction.

Eat more fruit

Eating at least two fruits daily, which are high in antioxidants, has been linked in studies to a lower risk of prostate cancer. Sugar in fruit (fructose) also appears to play a positive role. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, plums and pomegranates are high in antioxidants.

Eating broccoli every week

Tomatoes and broccoli contain substances that protect against prostate cancer. They might even shrink existing tumors. Research showed that male rats with prostate cancer lost weight from the tumor after being fed tomato and broccoli. The combination of tomato and broccoli had a greater beneficial effect than either tomato or broccoli alone. The active ingredient in tomatoes, the pigment lycopene, is more absorbable by the body when the tomatoes are cooked or baked. Broccoli should be cooked as briefly as possible to retain the good component sulforaphane. Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cress also contain substances that have a protective effect. English researchers recommend eating broccoli at least once a week.


Several scientific studies have shown that the mineral selenium has a protective effect against prostate cancer. According to some researchers, the Western European diet contains too little selenium because the mineral is hardly found in the European cultivation soils. Yet you can prevent a shortage with good nutrition. Selenium is found in nuts, especially Brazil nuts and walnuts, and in fish, brown rice, eggs and chicken.

Beware of zinc

The fact that the mineral zinc is good for the prostate has long been known. But research has shown that too much zinc can actually increase the risk of prostate cancer. A daily intake of more than 100 milligrams of zinc, for example through special dietary supplements, is unhealthy. An ordinary multivitamin pill contains much less zinc and is harmless. Good, varied diet also contains sufficient zinc. The mineral occurs mainly in whole grain products, fish and seafood, nuts and seeds.

Eat more fish

There have been many studies on the link between a high-fat diet, eating red meat and prostate cancer. Too much fat has a negative effect on prostate health. Eating red meat often (from beef, pork and lamb) would slightly increase the risk of prostate cancer. The good fats and vitamins and minerals of fish are beneficial to the prostate.

More natural light

Being outside is healthy, even for your prostate. According to British research, daylight offers protection against prostate cancer. The protective effect comes from the vitamin D3 that the body produces after exposure to daylight.

Drinking red wine

Moderate consumption of red wine (four to seven glasses a week) reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 40%, compared to men who never drink red wine. Seattle researchers who discovered the protective effect of red wine believe that the flavonoids and the substance resveratrol in red wine play an important role. The protective effect of white wine is significantly less.

Massaging your own prostate can be a big step in your sexual life. If it is your first time it can be very exciting. A prostate massage often opens many doors. The orgasm that comes with it is one of the best feelings there is for many.