Indo Tantra

Erotic Tantric Massage for Couples

In many relationships, after the infatuation phase, the desire for sex slowly ebbs away. At some point it becomes boring, it becomes a rut until it dies out completely. How is this possible? How is it that the most beautiful thing given to man extinguishes like a night candle? And how eternally sinful, for in this way the way to love is also cut off. The road where love and sexuality merge is blocked. If you want to re-open the road you can start with an Erotic Massage. This takes place in a loving and respectful atmosphere where you can experience your own sexuality again.

Couples Tantra Massage

During this massage your whole body will be lovingly massaged. A moment all for yourself where you can enjoy the energy of receiving. In most massages your body is massaged but your yoni is skipped. This can give a feeling that you are not one whole because something is skipped. The circle is not complete. There is a piece missing. And when the circle is not complete, it is very difficult for your energy to flow freely.

In our tantric massage you are massaged from head to toe. Nothing is skipped. This gets your energy flowing freely again. Our massages have no goal in themselves. Whether you are coming into your tender energy or your sensual energy, feeling sad because you have not felt love for your own body for so long, etc., it is all possible and it is all good.

Just let what comes. During the tantric massage we do not go deep into any emotions that may come out. Of course these emotions are allowed to be there and we will be there for you. If you want to go deeper into your problems to be able to live happier than we invite you to a TSR session (Tantra and Sexual Release). During these sessions we will take the bull by the horns. That's where we go into real depth. So when you come for a tantra massage, you know you are allowed to relax.

rekindle the fire of desire in your relationship

Do you want to rekindle the fire of desire in your relationship? Do you want to push your boundaries or do you have something to celebrate and want to do it in a special way? Do you want to give your relationship a new impulse? Are you and your partner looking to deepen your sex life? Or do you feel the need to learn the 'techniques' of tantra massage?

If you are in a relationship, a tantra session for couples can be a tremendous deepening experience for both of you. It doesn't matter how long you have been together. There can always be more connection. How can there be? We are going to put a magnifying glass on your relationship, as it were. Through fine exercises that we do together you come faster and deeper in contact with each other. Everything is aimed at turning you on during the tantra session and connecting you with each other. You meet each other on a deeper level, from heart to heart. Because you already know each other well it can give a lot of insight into patterns that exist in the relationship. Differences between the partners can also come to light. And we can look at what each of you needs.

Lingham and Yoni massage

After the warm-up, you will join me in giving each other a tantric massage. I will then immediately explain to you how we do this and what we encounter in the body. Every body needs a different approach. So I will explain to you what I see in your partner's body and how best to approach it. If you want I can show you how to give your partner a beautiful lingam or yoni massage. Often this is a wonderful experience. Because you are very attentive to each other's bodies, without falling into the normal pattern of making love. There is plenty of room for your specific question or intention. The tantra session for couples can of course also be given to partners of the same sex.