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Tantra For Women - Sensuality of the Goddess

What is a "Sensuality of the Goddess" massage?

Tantra For Women

Sensuality of the Goddess is a sensual tantric ritual, emphasizing the sensuality of your senses. Gentle touch, delicate scented oil and energy boosting massage of your pelvic area, among others, will bring you into contact with the goddess in yourself.

Your Tantrica will guide you in meditation and breathing that strengthens the opening of your senses. Gradually you experience more life energy and sexual energy flowing through your body. He or she let you feel these energies consciously. In this way you become more and more connected to the divine aspect of your female body. The surrender to the moment brings you into contact with your feminine, receptive qualities.

What is Kum Nye Tantra?

Tantra originally evolved in India andTibet from a religious need for more freedom within religion (both within Hinduism and Buddhism). Tantra was not originally about sexual energy. It was, however, an experiential teaching that focuses on personal divine experience rather than rules. Around 1700, several Buddhist tantric movements were brought together by Sangye Gyanatso. Based on the four major tantric schools (kagyu, nyingma, sakya and gelug), a new vision was developed, which came to be called Kun-nye.

What distinguishes Kum-Nye Tantra from modern tantric movements?

Kum-Nye tantra focuses on life energy, which flows into your body from your crown and reaches your pelvis through your kundalini (vertebrae). This hushed form of tantra is meditative, intimate and without taboos. Kum-Nye tantra focuses on prana, your life energy that provides calm, peace and balance. And thus much less on sexual energy than other, more modern forms of tantra. A Kum-Nye tantra massage the masseur and massaged are both naked, so that all shame and limitations can be released and there is an equal basis.

Why do we advise women to take a 2-hour massage?

Many women feel the need to make the massage last a little longer. Gradually you come more and more into peace and surrender. You come more into your feelings and then very beautiful things can happen.

Is the vagina also massaged during a tantric massage?

If you feel completely at ease and you like to let your sexual energy flow, Tantrica can also massage your yoni (vagina) as part of a tantric massage. First your whole body will be brought into relaxation. Before touching the erogenous area of your pelvis, she will ask again what you like.

Especially with a Kum-Nye tantra massage, it may be that during the massage you come into a very deep serene rest, discovering the silence within yourself. Then, on second thought, a Yoni (vagina) massage may not be in order. Soft strokes along your groin will then make you experience your subtle life energy.

What is a Yoni massage?

Yoni Massage for Women

A Yoni massage is a specific form of tantric massage where each zone in your body is brought to deep relaxation through healing touches. Yoni is a word that is used in Sanskrit to refer to the female genitalia. As you can probably guess, during a yoni massage extra attention is paid to the vagina. The use of a neutral massage oil is strongly recommended. This article explains how to give a Yoni massage.

Secondly, it is also about lovingly cherishing your femininity and your inner world. In this sense, a yoni massage activates the sexual energy to create a total harmony of body and mind and this without any erotic character.

How do you prevent boundaries from being crossed?

Some male tantra masseurs are too quick to massage too intimately and cross the boundary of the female client. Indo Tantra values a safe atmosphere, where you can be yourself. Our intention is to tailor the massage to your needs. Therefore we recommend to discuss your wishes and boundaries beforehand. The boundaries you name are an important starting point for the massage, to which the masseur will stay true.

Our recommended masseurs will keep to these starting points, even if during the massage you feel other needs. In a next treatment the massage can be more intimate. It may be that you are not sure where your border lies and how far you want to go in receiving touch. In that case she will always check how you feel during the massage and we also listen to body signals that indicate that you are going out of your body or into your head.

Is it an objection if I become sexually aroused?

It is a very normal reaction of your body when you feel sexual arousal and tingling in your erogenous zones. It is also normal if you get pre-cum and may feel a desire coming on for more.

Your tantra masseur welcomes you as a woman with everything that presents itself. This does not mean that she sees it as an invitation to touch you in intimate places. She receives your arousal and allows your sexual life energy to flow, she breathes with you and feels your sensations.

She will not interfere with or respond to any sexual desires and needs you may have. What matters is that you allow and feel your own body sensations. Processes can then be set in motion that enrich you. As a masseur, she is only serving and facilitating in this.